Could Tainui hold the key to Te Arawa's Governance structure?

The Trust hosted tribe members today at their AGM where feedback was sought on the future of tribal Governance

While it was business as usual  an important issue sat high on the list of priorities,  the future Governance of Te Arawa.

Members say it's imperative that everyone is included in the process, Mr Curtis says, “the main thing is that not one Te Arawa family or sub-tribe be excluded from the process”.

Te Arawa is considering establishing a tribal Parliament similar in structure to that of Waikato-Tainui, Curtis says “we are looking into what other tribes are doing and will perhaps adopt a structure similar to that of Tainui, but we won't know until discussions are complete.”

How the model would work and look is still under discussion and trust members say there is still a lot of discussion to be had before moving forward.