COVID-19 makes shopping a near impossible challenge for solo parents

updated By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

COVID-19 has put a strain on families across the country including solo mother of four, Regina Rapata. She says her worst fear is how her children would survive if she was to contract the deadly virus.

"If I was to get it then who’s gonna watch my kids? Can’t have family come and help as normal," Rapata says.

She says even the smallest tasks have proven to be challenging.

"Simply going to the shop has been a task on its own and challenging especially with the kids. I’m just lucky enough that the shop is up the road but that means either pack the kids in the car, give them strict instructions to stay in the car or leave them at home and me race up just to get bread, butter and milk."

Being active and exploring was once a way of life for her four, beautiful children. Now there is fear even when kicking a ball outside.

"Even playing is different. I have to stop them in case someone else has touched the ball and thrown it over."

This family is conveniently placed with a local Four Square and the hospital within walking distance. But that may add to the anxiety that is already being felt.

"It’s been close to home, really close to home and you’ve got medical staff here and walking past every day. That’s scary to think that they may have it. The beauty with us being by the hospital, yes it’s close for medical supplies. but with some of the cases in Whangārei, they are literally right next door."

This māmā is looking forward to the day she and her children can go back to doing the simple things and says she can't wait for an activity as easy as taking the kids to the park.