Crash victims mourned

Police say the investigation could take a few months, but today, family and friends gathered to farewell their beloved youngsters.

Cheyeene Hemana and her nephews Moashon Harrison and Mananui Harrison were taken to their home marae of Araparera where many gathered to mourn their passing.

Although the family refused to comment on camera today, they allowed Te Kāea to film the impact this tragedy has had on the family.

They are devastated and say this could happen to anybody.

Police have collected all the evidence from the scene, but say it's still too early to tell what caused the crash.

Many factors are taken into consideration with police trying to identify contributing factors.Their findings are then given to the Coroner.

Police say this investigation is being taken very seriously, and their final report is expected to be released within the coming months.

Reporter: Heeni Brown.