Credit Union Central to meet with the community of Ruatōrea

Credit Union Central has taken over the bank services in Ruatōrea following Westpac’s exit from the community in July.

On July 30, Credit Union Central was invited down to Ruatōrea to investigate the possibility of opening something in the community and over the last five weeks the bank has secured a venue to set up an office in the township.

Matthew Heke, Credit Union Central manager based in Rotorua said that they opened up last week but tonight senior management will be meeting with the community to be formally introduced and to explain what they do and represent.

Following Westpac’s announcement that they will be closing their premises in the township the community were only left with two options, either drive to Ōpōtiki or head towards Gisborne.

The community of Ruatōrea campaigned to the keep the Westpac branch open and in a statement Westpac said there had been a steady decline in people using the branch over the past few years.

Heke says that in order for Credit Union Central to survive they need the support of the community.  They also have employed two of the three ex-staff of the old Westpac branch to run their premises in Ruatōrea.  He also says that they are in the process now of opening accounts, training their new staff and building their bank.