Crime-funded addiction facility 'poetic' - MP

By Tema Hemi

The Auckland City Mission has been given a boost of $16.7 million to help fund a drug and alcohol treatment program. The funding will be drawn from money recovered under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act to increase the number of beds for detox patients.

It's money which will be dedicated to help people caught up in addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Minister of Health David Clark says, "The government is pleased to announce today the funding for the cost of building two floors of the mission home ground building to house a total of thirty detoxification beds."

That's a 50% increase in the Auckland area but is it going to be enough.

Clark says, "They have outstanding professionals and an impressive record with trained alcohol and drug counciling, mental health, te ao Māori, elder care, violence and trauma."

And it will be funded by money recovered from criminal activities.

Clark says, "Its delightful to see that money being put to really good use- and somewhat poetic.  It will feature a visitor area,  access to outdoor space, a gym. Several of the units will be designed for people with physical disabilities. It will be an environment that supports well-being and recovery."

Prime Minister Ardern says she will support the Auckland City Mission as much as she can.  

Ardern says, "It seems obvious to me that  this was not just a place that answered the very real and obvious needs that existed here in Auckland.  They were constantly looking for ways to try and make sure they were bringing in those who had the answers to try and prevent some of the harm they were seeing on a daily basis."

It's expected the build will be completed by 2020.