Criticism of Tamihere and Jackson escalates

An interview conducted by John Tamihere and Willie Jackson regarding the Roast Busters case yesterday has sparked outrage within the Māori women's social advocacy group, Te Wharepora Hōu.

Politicians have also come out strongly with their opinions, knowing exactly the position these men hold, not only in broadcasting, but in communities where these problems exist.

Marama Davidson is absolutely disgusted and offended by their misogynistic and sexist interview.

Paula Bennett says, “They need to be ashamed of themselves, I think its 1960's thinking, their part of the reason quite frankly why young women don't come forward and tell their stories.”

According to Pita Sharples, “They receive Whānau Ora funding, but where was the empathy in their comments?”

Te Kāea contacted both Willie Jackson and John Tamihere today, asking them to clarify their comments in their radio interview with 'Amy' on RadioLive yesterday.

Willie Jackson refused, and we also received no response from John Tamihere.

Willie apologised on RadioLive today about the tone of the comments in the interview.