CrossFit Pacific Regional - Mikaere playing the game his way

Michael Mikaere has maintained his position in the top ten CrossFit athletes from New Zealand and he's back again this year competing at the Pacific Regional in Wollongong. This year he's say he's just doing his thing and playing the game his way.

It's been a tough couple of days of competition, with work outs designed to find the fittest people in the world, but Michael Mikaere is not letting the pressure get to him.

“Just trying to do my best trying to play my own race and not worry about anyone else beside me”, say Mikare.

An athlete who comes into the competition in the top ten and has competed at regional level for the last three years, last year footing it at the Meridian regional in Denmark, finishing in the top fifteen.

Mikaere says, “It was interesting it was a different experience going over to Europe by myself and just kind of hanging out with all these foreign people so many different languages and they're a bit quieter they're not as loud as the Aussies and as relaxed as the Kiwis, so it was cool it was good to see.”

Coming from a rugby background CrossFit caught his attention four years ago and he hasn't looked back since and doesn't take his standings for granted.

“Yeah it's been good, it's been hard work like anything if you want to make it to this level you've got to work hard and put in the hours, but yeah it’s just good to be here.”

He's competing amongst the top 40 individual men and top 40 individual females from the entire CrossFit region known as the Pacific, an accomplishment reserved for only the fittest men and women.