CrossFit Pacific Regional - NZ makes an impression

The fittest men and women in the Pacific threw down at the final day of the three-day CrossFit Games Pacific Regional in Wollongong in the hopes of booking a spot to the pinnacle of the sport at the CrossFit Games in Carson City, California.

It's near impossible to get a seat on finals Sunday, with the biggest crowds turning up to fill the stadium.

“I'm actually more relaxed than I was last year don't feel any pressure don't put any pressure on myself I just do my best do what I can because at the end of the day it's all I can do”, says Kevin Manuel from Mount CrossFit.

“Look New Zealand is definitely stepping up their teams are also amazing as well so who knows could have some individual qualifiers and a team qualifier at the games in July”, says John Bric from CrossFit Games.

Puawai Munro-Halkyard is back for her third regional competition and has enjoyed the two gruelling days of competition so far.

“Finals Sunday pretty excited actually it's just good to be back here actually so these last two events don’t' know what to expect but yeah feel good”, says Munro-Halkyard from Toa CrossFit.

“They're fun, the last one definitely is a sprint so I'm really looking forward to that one, the chipper it is what it is, it's heavy some skill work in there but apart from that both of them look really fun”, says Joelene Neville from Reebok CrossFit 09.

All the 260 NZ athletes that are competing today have earned their spot on the competition floor, and they're leaving it all out there.

“I feel good I'm ready to go I can definitely feel like my body has done two days of work just little aches and pains everywhere”, says Bailey Rogers.

The top five in each category will then make their way to Carson City, California to compete against the fittest men and women from around the world competing for title of The Fittest on Earth.