Cunliffe shows no mercy

By Maiki Sherman

David Cunliffe has made good on his promise of a new Labour Party train but the question remains as to whether everyone is on-board? 

In an interview with Te Kāea Political Reporter Maiki Sherman, Mr Cunliffe compared his party to an army going into the field and highlighted the importance of loyalty and watching each other’s backs.

However it seems there's still one soldier yet to fall in line.

A source within Labour told Te Kāea that David Cunliffe informed the national council in Wellington a week ago, there was still one person who had not confirmed support for him.   

According to our source, no individual was named but a person was definitely cited to the national council, with David Cunliffe also said to have suggested if he did not receive that support, membership should be revoked.

When questioned on this point Cunliffe emphatically denied saying this telling our reporter she had been misinformed.

Cunliffe went on to say, “Labour’s goal is to give New Zealand their country back and get a fresh start in 2014 that’s what we are all on about and we are united in that purpose other questions just don’t arise at this time.”

That aside, it's fair to say there was a good feeling down in the South Island today. The saying that food isn't cooked with conversation rang true, with everyone literally digging in to find cockles.

At the beginning of next month, the Labour Party's AGM will be held here in the South Island, Christchurch, where the issue of unity will undoubtedly be up for discussion.