Dairy and travel remain NZ's largest export earners

According to Statistics New Zealand, New Zealand has earned $2.3 billion more from exports than previously spent on imports during the year ended June 2015.

New Zealand's total trade balance was a surplus of $2.3 billion in the year ended June 2015; with the total exports of goods and services being $67.5 billion, and total imports being $65.1 billion.

The top export destination was Australia, followed by China.

The main sources of imports coming in to New Zealand were the European Union, and Australia.

Dairy remains the largest export commodity, earning $12.0 billion in the June 2015 year, while travel exports earned $11.7 billion.

International statistics senior manager Jason Attewell said, "Dairy and travel are New Zealand's biggest export earners.  A fall in dairy exports to China, combined with the increase in expenditure by overseas visitors to New Zealand, has narrowed the gap between the two."

The $2.3 billion spent by visitors from Australia was the highest since the June 2010 year.

Cars (vehicles, parts and accessories) from Japan was the largest imported expense, worth $1.9 billion.

For the interactive map for good and services trade - exports - June 2015, click here.