Dance Company raising awareness around depression

By Taroi Black

World hip hop champions, IDentity, a local Auckland dance company, has teamed up with New Zealand artists to tour New Zealand to help raise awareness around depression and anxiety. 

The tour is titled "I am Unbreakable".

IDentity dancer Marquise Rogers says, "We just want to put the message out.  So it's [creating] the awareness that they're not alone and we're here to talk to them".

The free 30-minute high school show is high energy.  It aims to connect with a live audience.  It also provides dancers with personal experiences.

"In my last year at school, we lost a close mate to suicide forced by stress and depression.  We just wished we knew what she was going through and she was also a dancer.  Being so close to her and knowing what happened just makes me want to push this message even more," says Rogers

Natalie William, director of The Social Experience says, "We want to empower them and it's all about, 'you can be unbreakable if you have the courage to break your silence and reach out for help.'" 

Tomorrow the campaign will kick off at Vodafone Events Centre.