Davis and Harawira to battle for Tai Tokerau seat

By Harata Brown

Labour MP Kelvin Davis says he is ready to contest Mana Leader Hone Harawira for the Tai Tokerau electorate again. The move comes as Mr. Harawira predicts he will win back the electorate in the upcoming general election.

The current MP for Te Tai Tokerau Kelvin Davis isn't too worried about Hone Harawira's latest announcement, saying that he will be contesting the seat.

Kelvin Davis says, “The electorate knows that I have worked hard to help our Māori people.”

Last Thursday on Māori Television's Kawe Kōrero, Mana Leader Hone Harawira was asked whether he was confident in winning the electorate at next year's election. 

“Well that's what the people want,” says Harawira, “If I was to look at the Parliamentary make-up, there are 25 Māori there, but who are they if they can't be a voice for our people and a voice for the poor.  That's my goal and those are my people.”

Davis says, “Hone wants to discredit us in Parliament so he can push his own agenda.

That simply isn't right.”

In Whangarei, Māori voters were asked who they would consider as the up-and-coming MP for Te Tai Tokerau, Kelvin Davis or Hone Harawira.

On the contrary, Northern iwi leader Haami Piripi wouldn't say who they would consider, but he did question what Mr. Harawira had achieved as the former MP for three terms. 

Piripi says, “What are the outcomes for iwi?  Therein lies the question around the difference between Hone and others.  For Kelvin, yes, he has actively returned home and spoken to iwi to brainstorm ideas and find support.”

Ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of Tai Tokerau voters at next year's general election.