Davis plans to confront issues of violence and sexual abuse

By Dean Nathan

Kelvin Davis is at the forefront again and passionate to lobby the physical and sexual abuse of women and children as a key issue on his return to parliament.

“I am angered to hear that yet another teacher is alleged to have physically and sexually abused children under his care. This is not a Māori practice so I question where the abuse of children has come from.

Being a former teacher and advisor in education, Kelvins' ears were choked with the numerous reports of sexual abuse.

“While I was a principal I had reports of thirteen children being abused in the space of thirty weeks.  This needs to end and I challenge men who are primarily responsible to stop abusing our women and children.”

Only in time will the Courts' verdict on this particular case of child rape and abuse be known but today Labour MP Kelvin Davis has laid down the challenge for men to take up.