'Day of Silence' aims to help tackle bullying

Students across New Zealand plan to participate in the “Day of Silence” today which aims to draw attention to the “silencing effect of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, name calling and harassment in schools."

A number of schools across the country have registered to take part in this event which aims to make schools safer for students regardless of their sexual orientation.

According to the “Day of Silence” website, students are encouraged to participate to “bring attention to this problem, let students who experience such bullying know they are not alone and ask schools to take action to address the problem.”

While many schools will show their support through silence, Epsom Girls Grammar school in Auckland plans on taking a different approach.

“We'll be shouting about bullying all over the school at lunchtime. We think silence is the friend of bullying and, to support and complement the people and organisations behind the day of silence, we want to yell in no uncertain terms that bullying is unacceptable, unwanted and uncool.”

Supporters of the cause say no matter how anyone chooses to express themselves, the main focus will be on highlighting and helping eliminate any kind of bullying behaviour.