Decision on fate of Rena wreck to be released today

By Taroi Black
Rena Wreck Image credited to Darryl Torckler

A decision on whether the Rena wreck stays on Otāiti will be released this afternoon.

A Panel appointed by the BOP Regional Council has considered evidence presented at a five week hearing after the owners of the Rena lodged an application to leave it on the reef.

153 submissions were received regarding the application and hearings on the issue began in September last year which lasted around five weeks.

The 37,000 tonne Rena cargo ship grounded at Otāiti on the 5th of October 2011 carrying 1368 containers.

Ngai Te Rangi are among those who hold the position that the RENA wreck should be removed from Otāiti.

When hearings closed last year Ngai Te Rangi Chairman, Charlie Tawhiao believed the BOP Regional Council may not rule in their favour.

He told Te Kāea, “It looks as though they will agree to leave it there, that's because some Iwi have also agreed to that.” 

He also says Iwi with interests in the area have been split over the removal of the wreckage.

Ngāti Ranginui and Te Arawa were among iwi that received money from the Rena owners.

However, Tawhiao says if the decision allows the wreck to stay that Ngai Te Rangi will go back to the drawing board and discuss a way forward.

The council says following the release of the decision any involved party can appeal within 15 days.

(Attached image credit: Darryl Torckler)