Differing views on the relevance of Waitangi Day

On June 24 1840, the Ngāti Te Whatu-i-Apiti leader, Te Hāpuku signed the Treaty of Waitangi in Clive.

The Clive Festival is just one of many positive events being held around the country, but there are still many differing views on what Waitangi Day is all about.

Manager of Ahurei Waipūreku, Lily Baker, says "People only think of Waitangi Day as being up north, but we have our Waitangi down here."

Some people say the protesting antics that occur at Waitangi casts a shadow on what the day should really be about.

No matter what the view, there is no doubt that tens of thousands of people will attend the many Waitangi Day celebrations around the world.