Disastrous weekend on New Zealand roads

A disastrous weekend on New Zealand roads has left ten people dead.

The 5 seperate accidents, which resulted in the deaths occurred in different areas of the country.

A motorcyclist was killed in a crash at Warkworth and 3 lives were lost in another accident at Te Puna just outside Tauranga.

A mother and her 14 year old son died in a crash in Whanganui, and two men were killed in a crash in Christchurch, while another two people were killed on the roads in Waikato.

This has not only prompted call from Police to drivers around the country to adhere to conditions and drive to the speed limit, it has also sparked a call from a number of organisations to implement more stringent processes to protect drivers on the road.

NZ School Speeds has called for a “road safety overhaul” and suggests putting “people in place who can sort out this debacle.”

Lucinda Rees of NZ School Speeds says the group has been “pushing for consistent speed limits outside schools of 30km/h at peak times and no more than 60km/h at other times of the day, to "change the culture of our drivers". The theory being that if drivers learn to be considerate to our most vulnerable road users, they will become more considerate drivers.”

Other suggestions have called for lowering speed limits across the country and demerit points for those caught speeding.

The core focus at this stage will be on ensuring the families of those who were lost over the weekend have the support they need to deal with the devastating news.