Do not travel! Come home now! - Winston Peters

By Bronson Perich

Foreign Minister Winston Peters has issued a simple warning to all New Zealanders, “Do not travel.”

Mr Peters advised that this is the highest level of travel advice that the government is issued.

“That reflects the seriousness of the situation we are facing with COVID-19,” Minister Peters says.

Mr Peters reminded the nation that should Kiwis travel, they run the risk of contracting this new disease.

“Health care systems in many countries are under strain and do not have the capacity to support foreigners,” Minister Peters continues.

Foreign Minister cautioned Kiwis that borders are closing, and again, he gave simple and direct advice, “You should, therefore, organise to come home now.”

Mr Peters warned that the Government's ability to rescue those who ignore his advice may be limited.

For those Kiwis who live permanently overseas, he advised them to do what is best for their whānau.

He concluded his statement by calling for Aotearoa to show compassion and to remember, “In times of crisis, we will see the best in people, and the worst.

"To those who say we should not welcome our fellow citizens back to our shores, I ask that you put yourselves in their shoes.”