Dr Rawiri Jansen tells whānau to prepare for 'bumpy winter'

By Mana Wikaire-Lewis

Winter is just around the corner, and Aotearoa is being told to prepare for the second wave of Covid-19 as immunity wanes among people who have already had the virus.

National Māori Pandemic Group co-leader Dr Rawiri McKree Jansen says even now up to half of all ED patients are turning up with concerning covid-19 symptoms but have not taken a RAT test.

He is concerned vulnerable people are thereby missing out on early preventative clinical support.

“[The] problem for us is, we’ve got medicines that can make a difference for Covid-19. We’re keen for people to load their results at the earliest opportunity so we can identify those people who are eligible for the new medicines, and those new medicines make a big difference.”

Dr Jansen is keen for everyone who is eligible to get up to date with their flu vaccinations, as flu season approaches. He is also worried about another virus that could wreak havoc among people.

 “[I’m] really worried about measles. We might have a really rough winter with flu, covid, and measles outbreaks, and the borders will open. I think the health system is getting pretty anxious that we’re going to have a bumpy winter.”