Drivers are urged to take it easy on return from holidays

By Regan Paranihi

Southern District Police are urging travelers heading home in the next few days to take it easy on the roads as the holiday season comes to an end.

Area Commander Inspector Olaf Jensen says, “We’re expecting the roads in the southern area to be very busy between today and Sunday as holidaymakers leave the Otago Lakes area.”

He says its important people consider other road users when using the roads as it is their responsibility to keep the roads safe before getting behind the wheel.

“We need motorists to take it easy and remember to check their speed, remove any distractions such a mobile phones, wear their seatbelts and avoid alcohol.”

In an effort to decrease deaths on the road Police will be out and about on the main travel routes and will take action where necessary.

“We encourage road users to ring *555 (or 111 in an emergency or life-threatening situations) to report any unsafe driving or matters they believe endanger others.”

He says motorists who have used the *555 service have been a big help to police over the holiday period, as a result, police have been successful in preventing potential tragic incidents involving death and serious injuries on the road.

“With your help and cooperation, we can make our roads safer and ensure everyone gets home to their loved ones."