Eight bottlenose dolphins visit the shores of Matauri Bay

By Regan Paranihi
Video: Michaela Kordsmeyer

On Tuesday the 2 January holiday goers at Matauri Bay beach witness something magical.

A pod of eight bottlenose dolphins graced the shore of the beach to hang out and play with swimmers.

Michaela Kordsmeyer, a local who lives in Putataua Beach which is located right next to Matauri Bay, says she was out on a walk with her Maltese puppy and a friend when she noticed people pointing at something in the water.

“We saw that some people pointed out that a stand-up paddle boarder had a visitor. We went quickly into the water and then you'll see all on the video”

She says this is the busiest time of the year with over 1500 people at the local campground plus many boaties, swimmers, and surfers making the most of the hot summer days.

“We could count 7 or 8 bottlenose dolphins, 2 babies. They were around for maybe half an hour.”

Kordsmeyer says dolphins have been around before but mostly at Putataua Beach where the divers dip as it is not to shallow for them there.

“People were just in awe and the dolphins jumped and played even more later on.”

It was a very special moment for her and she is pleased that many other people could witness this magical moment.

“Very very special and lucky that so many people could share this. Great to see that everybody stayed responsible as well.”