Election Aotearoa: The Candidates - Te Tai Hauāuru

Māori Television led the way last week when it launched New Zealand’s first television showdown between political leaders.  And there's no sign of the channel slowing down with its second debate featuring the Māori candidates from the western electorate of Te Tai Hauāuru.

In Part One of tonight’s debate, candidates Jack McDonald from the Green Party, Adrian Rurawhe from Labour and Howie Tamati from the Māori Party, discuss the new political poll that has become a game changer in their electorate.

The exclusive Māori Television poll reveals Tamati has snatched the lead, with 52% of voters supporting him as the preferred candidate in Te Tai Hauāuru. He's also the first to score above any Labour Party candidate to date, in the Māori seats in Māori Television’s polling.  Labour’s incumbent MP, Adrian Rurawhe, is 13 points behind at 39% and Jack McDonald for the Greens is polling at 9.1%.

Presenters Oriini Kaipara and Heta Gardiner grill the candidates and discuss the results.

"These results are a turnover for the Māori Party," says Kaipara.  "They have struggled to defend against the change of Labour leadership and rise of Jacinda Ardern."