Election Aotearoa: Te Tai Hauāuru candidates debate race relations, employment and the environment

The Te Tai Hauāuru electorate is home to Mt Taranaki and the Whanganui River. In Part Two of our debate with the political candidates of the electorate, we discuss how they will protect the natural resources In the region.

Candidates Jack McDonald from the Green Party, Adrian Rurawhe from Labour and Howie Tamati from the Māori Party speak with presenters Oriini Kaipara and Heta Gardiner about their policies on environmental issues.

"Many voters in this electorate are concerned about the environment. There's been the seabed mining protests in Pātea and the fight to legally recognise the Whanganui River as a living and indivisible entity with its own rights and values. This issue is a hot topic," says Gardiner.

In this section, the candidates also discuss how they will create more jobs, the state of mental illness and the heated topic of race relations.

"Last year, former New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd sparked a national discussion about institutionalised racism when he confessed to being a 'recovering racist'. It was a much needed debate that will be discussed further with tonight's candidates," says Gardiner.