Electoral Commission promote Māori option in te reo Māori

By Regan Paranihi

The Electoral Commission is down at the He Pouwhenua, He Puapua Secondary Schools Kapa Haka National Competition promoting the Māori roll and the General roll using te reo Māori.

The commission has called upon their staff who are able to speak te reo Māori to promote both the Māori and General rolls to rangatahi Māori.

South Island ambassador Anton Mathews says he commends the Electoral Commission for bringing together their staff who are Māori language speakers to promote the two options.

"I acknowledge the Electoral Commission for bringing together all of us who can speak Māori to conversate in te reo Māori at the National Kapa Haka competition as this is a kaupapa Māori." 

Mona-Pauline Mangakāhia says you have to have Māori blood in you in order to be on the Māori roll

“The Māori roll is only for those who are a direct decedent of a Māori ancestor.”

However, Māori can also sign up for the general role if that is what they wish to do.

The Electoral Commission has been campaigning for the past three months and they say there have been some losses as well as some gains.

Communication and Education advisor Clare Pasley says, " More than 19,000 Māori voters have either changed roll types or enrolled for the first time since the start of the Option.  There’s been a net gain on the general roll of nearly 4,000 and a net reduction in the Māori roll of about 400.  The results so far can be found on the website here. "   

There are 28 days left to choose which roll you want to be on. You cannot change rolls after the 2nd of August.

For more information visit https://maorioption.org.nz