Elite SAS Trooper says a soldiers duty is to fight

By Tema Hemi
Joe Glen. / Source - File

There have been reports out of Iraq of a missile attack on Camp Taji where it is believed 45 New Zealand Troops are stationed. Arab News reported that the rockets hit Wednesday morning (NZ time). Former SAS Trooper Joe Glen says, "All of New Zealand's troops are trained to cope with hostile conditions and its most important for them to follow protocol at this time."

28 year special forces operative Joe Glen knows all too well the daunting tasks of a NZDF soldier.     

Glen says, "The job of a soldier from the time they enter into the military is to prepare for war. Prepare to fight on command and when the NZDF calls on you to fulfill such duties. Nothing else matters but war." 

The attack comes after Iran launched missiles at two Iraqi military complexes last week. Glen says its all in a days work for our troops.

Glen also says, "We are not the only ones that are involved in global war. We are one of many countries alongside America, England and Australia who fight under the flag of the Queen of England."

Defence Minister Ron Mark was not available for comment on the issue but in a written statement from a NZDF spokesperson to Te Ao Māori wrote:

"The rockets that were fired landed approximately 3 kms outside of Taji Military Complex. There were no NZDF personnel in the vicinity. All NZDF personnel in Camp Taji are safe and accounted for. As you will be aware, these events are a regular occurrence. The NZDF takes all precautions necessary in theatre to keep our people safe and continues to monitor the security situation."

Valerie Morse of the Auckland Action Peace group says our troops should be evacuated and that's its imperative for families to know that their loved ones are safe. 

Morse says, "My heart goes out to all the families of the soldiers in Iraq. The soldiers are anxious because of the current situation there. Some want to return home. Most do not support Donald Trump and what he’s doing to inflict war."

Glen says in closing, "They just cant say we are pulling out and we’re going home. There are protocols to follow."

No other casualties have been reported from the attack but local security forces remain vigilant as Camp Taji continues its full lock down.