The Evans need for V8 speed

By Tamati Tiananga

Motorsport, how best is this sport described?

Racing fast cars on the track with unbelievable speeds     

Simon is one of the most talked-about young V8 drivers, the only Māori driver on the circuit and he carries his tribal name proudly, and literally: ‘Te Aupouri’ is printed on the back of his driving helmet.

Simons father Owen has long since retired from driving. He was a top Porsche racer and land speed record-setter. In a You Tube clip, Owen attempted to break the land speed record.

For many a car is just seen as typical way of transport, getting you from one place to another.

But for the Evans family, driving a car like Simon Evans' Holden V8 race car is a deep-seated passion.

Simon managed to pick up another podium finish in the third leg of the V8 Super Tourers Championship and is now third on the ladder board

He'll be back in Pukekohe in April for the fourth leg of the competition.

Owen, will be heading overseas to meet up with other son Mitch, upcoming Formula One driver living in Europe.