'Everything Govt does is strategy to prevent Māori going to prison'

By Te Ao with MOANA

All the government's strategies are directed toward ensuring Māori do not end up in prison, Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis says.

The Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis told Te Ao with Moana that taken together the government's policies are all designed to stop people going to prison.

“Well, everything that this government does is really a strategy to prevent people going into prison," says Minister Davis. 

"If you look at child poverty, if you look at the homelessness, if you look at the $1.9 billion we put into mental health, raising the minimum wage, you know looking at incomes, everything this government does is designed to stop people going through that pipeline and into the prison." 

Minister Davis says Corrections new Hõkai Rangi strategy will look to ensure Māori do not end up in prison.

"I have no say as to who goes into prisons, but what I’m saying is if they do get into prisons then we have to make sure that they’re looked after in a way that means they never ever return.

"What we’re saying is Corrections no longer has all the answers, but we’re working alongside Māori to make sure that we do have the answers for our people who are in prison so that they never ever return."