Ex-Gloriavale member looks to reconnect with Māori roots

A former member of the Gloriavale religious community says she's looking forward to learning more about her whakapapa.

Lilia Tarawa spent 18 years in the Gloriavale community/ before leaving and writing a book about her experiences titled "Daughter of Gloriavale - My life in a religious Cult." Tarawa told Kawe Korero she was initially discouraged from identifying as Māori but her outlook has now changed completely.

“My taua, who is my grandma, reconnecting with her and some of our Māori family outside of Gloriavale, has allowed to explore a little more about my Māori heritage,” says Tarawa.

“I’d like to learn more about our culture in general. Like, what are we passionate about? And what are iwi are out there, because I know that I’m Ngāi Tahu, but I don’t know a lot about other iwi.”