EXCEL students share positive message with Rotorua youth

Students from the EXCEL School of Performing Arts based in Auckland were in Rotorua this week to showcase their talents to the community and youth here.  

With a strong Māori presence in the group, Te Arawa was one of the destinations they wanted to visit.

It's a variety of music, dance and emotions behind this performance from students of the EXCEL School of Performing Arts.  

Jono Howan (Pākehā) says, "So far on tour our theme has been about brain and our emotions and how thinking, the connection between our thinking and emotions and how it's easy for us to get caught into a trap of negative thinking."

Thinking out loud is the basis behind the performances on this tour.  

Annika Bowley (Ngāti Porou) believes, "Youth need to hear this message, you know it's about your thinking, not letting your thoughts and emotions get to you."

The group is made up of 20 students, between the ages of 18-22.

Jinean Hepi (Te Aitanga a Mahaki) says, "It's a really good vehicle to gather together have some support if they don't have it perhaps at home its actually become like my daughters second family."

From Rotorua the group is looking at performing in the Hawke's Bay region.