Exciting news for sports fans in Aotearoa

By Micah Thompson

There are many things to look forward to in Te Ao Hākinakina and sports reporter Nathan Rarere talks to Tapatahi about it all.

Rugby/Rugby League

One of the major events rugby fans will be able to look forward to will be the return of the oldtime North and South inter-island rugby match.

The last event, taking place in 1995, saw players "actually punching each other," as Rarere says. "I think it's going to be really cool."

Players will be declared eligible for the selected team by which club they played their senior game at. But Rarere says a lot of fans are more interested to run it from the player's first XV team.

This event has been confirmed to take place at Eden Park on August 29.

Eden Park may also host this year's State of Origin game, with rugby league showing interest in holding this fan-favourite event in front of a live crowd. If it is played here, it will be the first State of Origin game tobe  played at Eden Park at the start of November. 

Staying with league, Rarere talks about the Warriors' coaching predicament. He says the owner of the Warriors said in an interview he wanted someone with a bit of personality.

However, Rarere tells the team: "I think you need a little more than personality at the moment. You've got to really sort your playing roster out." 

Super Rugby Aotearoa is also continuing this weekend, with Highlanders playing the Crusaders in Dunedin, and Hurricanes playing the Chiefs in Waikato, which Nathan will be reporting at for Te Ao Toa

"If you're a mega rugby nut, it's actually the Aussies that are doing their first round of their Super Rugby this week as well."


The NBL has had a recent scuffle between players that involved Huskies captain Leon Henry grabbing the neck of Mountainairs' Derone Raukawa. This incident caught the attention of the NBL's Game Review Panel. 

"I think the last famous basketball player to do that was a guy called Latrell Sprewell, who got annoyed at his coach telling him to work harder in practice." He adds, "Leon Henry is really lucky to only have a one-game suspension for that."

America's Cup

Team New Zealand has also made news with the misplacement of $3 million. Rarere says TeamNZ got one number wrong and the money landed in a Hungarian bank account.

"When you have three million bucks disappear, especially at a time like this where people are losing jobs, it is the worst look in the universe. So I hope they've got a wonderful explanation for this and I'm sure that they will do their darndest to find it."