Exploration block deal released

By Ripeka Timutimu

Minister, Simon Bridges definitely managed to engage his audience as he delivered his speech today, however, Māori were not there to listen to his ramblings, but for another cause at the fore.

Minister for Energy and Resources, Simon Bridges says that, “there is always some controversy when it comes to oil and gas, but we’ve taken a very considered approach really”

Bridges says they've thought carefully about the latest offering which has expanded to an area of 400,00 square kilometres.

Gas drilling has been in operation in Taranaki for over 100 years, and by the sounds of things, it could continue for many more years to come.

Te Whānau a Apanui opposed exploration in Te Raukumara Basin, and it looks like their protests could have worked as the area was left off the Governments offering this year.

“In other areas, of course, it’s more mixed but I think we’ve accommodated those concerns considerably in this block offer” says Bridges.

The industry has six months to prepare their proposals, which will close in September, following that the Government will announce who will be granted exploration licences in December.