Fades shaves and beard oil - BarberCraft 2017


The latest trends and crafts in barbering were on display at the annual BarberCraft competition. Last year Ngāti Porou lad Cole Weldon took out the classic cut section and this year, Te Arawa's Rawiri Doulas is among hundreds of men and women vying for top honours.

The atmosphere was buzzing at the second annual BarberCaft competition today with thousands of people converging in the name of fresh cuts and groomed beards.

BarberCraft judge Julian Maloney says, "BarberCraft's in its second year it's the biggest event for barbering nationally barbering's grown in the last 5-10 years so it's a great opportunity for everyone to invite barbers from all over the country."

Known for his famous zero fades, Ngāti Porou lad Cole Weldon has held the Classic Cut title for the past year after an impressive performance at the very first BarberCraft.

Barber, Cole Weldon, Ngāti Porou says, "The best thing about BarberCraft I reckon was meeting heaps of people I've never met before, it is a competition but it's about sharing unique skills with each other."

Today, over 100 male and female barbers took up their clippers. Among the competitors was Te Arawa man Rawiri Douglas who's in contention for the trophy previously won by Cole.

Rawiri Douglas says, "My instructions for this section have been to do a combover type style so you have to imagine the style on the model, I shortened the sides and sharpened up his edges." 

Douglas says that not only does a good hair cut increase your work prospects, it also helps when trying to impress your significant other.

"When I look in the mirror I like to take pride in my appearance, I like to have my hair looking sharp every day, not only does it help with getting clients but women notice it too."

The winners of this year's competition are;

Classic Competition Winners:
TRAINEE: Matthew Reeve, Cuba Barbers
OPEN: Kaisei Serai, Tokoya Barber Shop
MASTER: Terry Gautsua, Mr Barber Training Centre

Shave Competition Winners:
OPEN: Lucas Haubert, Tokoya Barber Shop
MASTER: Jason Debande, Custom Cutz Wellington

Beard Competition Winners:
TRAINEE: Lachie Stevens, Jetcharm Barber Shop & Gentlemen's Quarters
OPEN: Kristijan Vasilev, Maloney's Barber Shop
MASTER: Ngahina Wharehoka, Jetcharm Barber Shop & Gentlemen's Quarters

Pattern Competition Winners:
TRAINEE: Vesta Masing, Mr Barber
OPEN: Peleti Oli, Somehz touch barbershop
MASTER: Dempsey Alipia, Cutting Crew Barbers

Creative Competition Winners:
OPEN: Peleti Oli, Somehz Touch Barbershop
MASTER: Dempsey Alipia, Cutting Crew Barbers