Faith Van Duin offered world title shot after winning fight in America

By Tamati Tiananga

Faith Van Duin has been offered a title shot she couldn't refuse. At the Invicta FC 12 event in Kansas City, America, over the weekend, the Kiwi fighter Faith made her debut and defeated Amanda Bell.

That victory means a chance to fight Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino for the world title.

A title shot could be next but it's in the hands of Head of Invicta, Shannon Knapp.

Faith Van Duin says, “It's just one of my goals and I don't like waiting, waiting and waiting.”

Faith was asked who she would like to meet next. She called for a bout with champion Cristiane 'Cyborg' Justino.

“She is really aggressive and I'm not so aggressive so I will have to use her aggression against her,” says Faith Van Duin. 

The idea came after her win via a modified rear-naked bulldog choke early in the second round of their match.

She says, “When I felt my hand slip in so easily it was tight and I thought it was easy and would chock her.”

The fight is said to take place against Cyborg, at Invicta FC 13 in Las Vegas in July.

“Shannon asked me what I would like next. She was talking to the Brazilians but I said the title will be in New Zealand, so she said you want it, I said yes.”

Te Kāea understands an official announcement is expected to happen in two weeks.