False alarm - Homegrown evacuation

By Te Ao - Māori News

Police have confirmed overnight that they made the decision to evacuate Waitangi Park where the Homegrown Festival was held last night.

Before 9:20pm, Homegrown security had alerted police to their concerns about a person, Police had ordered the evacuation.

Kora band member, Brad Kora posted to facebook about the evacuation, reassuring followers that they were okay despite possible "bomb threats".

Police say that the person in question was spoken to and the area was searched, and as a result, Police also confirmed that there was no threat to the Homegrown Festival or the public.

Festival attendees were able to re-enter the Waitangi Park grounds approximately an hour after the evacuation. 

Police say while the concern, in this case, appears to have been a misunderstanding, they would like to remind the public to be vigilant and call 111 if they see anything suspicious.