Family harm statistics spike since lockdown

By Mare Haimona-Riki

According to new data released by NZ Police - there has been a significant increase in family harm “callouts” since the lockdown began on March 26.

Some areas are averaging more than 50 calls per day, with the Northland and Counties/Manukau regions having the highest statistics.

As if these statistics were not alarming enough, Superintendent Natasha Allan acknowledges the fact that many incidents are going unreported.

“We know that there are cases going unreported at the moment, it could be harder for people to call for help, as the person who harms them are constantly close by.

“Living in close quarters with people that we love can test the patience of most of us at times."

Data accounts for callouts between March 26th and April 8th

Superintendent Allan has considered the rising unemployment rates as a possible cause for family harm incidents increasing nationwide but could not attribute it to a single issue.

“We know that stresses such as losing your job, and worrying about finances, can lead to an increase in family harm,” she says.

Allan is confident that as NZ Police continues to work with the local communities and implement the Whāngaia Ngā Pā Harakeke initiative, these statistics are sure to decrease in the near future. 

“The relationships and partnerships that many of our communities had in place before this, has really helped in response to what's happening around the country. 

“If you are unsafe, please reach out. We don't want you in an unsafe environment," Acting Superintendent, Natasha Allan says.

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