Family left homeless following eviction

Lisa Tunui and her family are camping outside the house she has called home for the last eight years.  She was evicted from her home  following a court hearing last week which found she must leave. 

Lisa has also been served with a notice to leave by the Trustees of the land.  

Lisa says, “Who does this to tamariki, a family, a working family you know, we've got things you know sports to do. He's just gone and put us into a downwards spiral in to poverty.”

On Friday, the locks to the house were changed, with her possessions still inside.  The property sits on Māori land in Welcome Bay under Ngā Peke A2B Trust. 

Jim Gray, a trustee, says that they will not get involved because the case is before the Tenancy Tribunal. The house is being managed by First National Real Estate.

Lisa says she has no place to go and the whole ordeal has been stressful.

“Gee my kids have been you know through all of this they are still holding it in there,” says Lisa. 

In a hearing held a week ago the eviction was upheld.  Lisa has applied to the tribunal and will continue camping outside the property until she gets a response.