Family looking to file formal complaint following KFC arrest

22-year-old Pitiroi Turner was pepper-sprayed and arrested by Police last night.  

While he was on the ground partially cuffed in a stiff arm outside the Napier KFC, Police were caught on camera punching him in the head. 

Disorientated from being pepper-sprayed, Pitiroi Turner struggled against Police while on the ground. 

Turner explained, "They pepper-sprayed me on the boot while I was standing there and he threw me to the ground then I tried to get up then I just felt the punch to my head; I couldn't see nothing."

Kiri Turner said, "They're trying to pepper-spray him and they pepper-spray themselves in the face - pathetic."

The pepper-spray made one officer incapable of giving any assistance. 

Though the video doesn't show the moments leading up to the arrest, Turner says he complied with everything Police asked of him. 

But it's a different version of events from Police, who say he was uncooperative, and refused to get out of the car and became aggressive. 

Pitiroi said, "They walked me to the cop car and then he was like, "That's what you get" - that's what the cop said to me."

He says he breached his PD (periodic detention) by not turning up to court yesterday after he got his dates mixed up, so Police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Kiri Turner said, "He just asked if he could get a couple of things out of the car and I think that's where the Police thought that he was trying to take off and he wasn't."

The incident happened outside the Napier KFC in front of his family members including his one-year-old daughter. 

Kiri Turner added, "And yet the Police can get away with it, it's not fair.  They're not Police, they don't deserve that uniform."

His family say they are considering all their options as they look to file formal complaints against Police.