Family prepped for Christmas Cracker boxing event

By Tamati Tiananga

Family trio ready for Christmas Cracker boxing event this Weekend.

For the second time former world champion Daniella Smith, daughter Talia Smith and niece Deyne Te Marino Painting-Davis will all fight on the same fight card this Saturday 13th December, the same day all three made their first appearance together last year.

For three years Daniella has been teaching these two the ropes in boxing.

Daniella will drop to welterweight to face Gentiane Lupi for the vacant NZPBA female light welterweight title.

Talia Smith says, "Hard, strict, everything. But its good! She pushes all of us boxers in the gym here," says Talia Smith in relation to her mothers training techniques.

Talia is chasing for her seventh straight cooperate win.

Daniella says, "You definitely have to take ownership of your performance in the ring. Can't get mad at anything other than your own performance."

While cousin Deyne is putting in the hard work for her sixth fight with a goal to snatch another victory. 

Deyne Te Marino Painting-Davis says, "Just came down here one day after uni and haven't left since. So yeah I've been here probably two and a half years."

It has been team effort.

All three picked up wins on the 13th of December 2013 and are looking for history to repeat itself this Saturday at the Christmas Cracker boxing event at the ABA, Auckland