Far North Wastewater doesn't Receive the Treatment it Deserves

By D'Angelo Martin

Far North iwi Ngāti Kahu are enraged, that after 10 years, the local council has done nothing to rectify water quality in the region.

The water quality has dropped so much that the once beautiful Taipa Bay is now polluted. 

But Ngāti Kahu iwi representative Trudy Alan is concerned "I'm looking at my awa which is just across the road from us I'm concerned about that! Our wai, as Hapū we're always concerned that's our life force".

Further inquiries by Alan had revealed an ongoing history of shortcuts, insufficient investment to keep up with raising populations and usage volumes.

"What we learnt was nutrient levels was all wrong in this part due to band-aid practises over the years, we will put a band-aid here fix that little piece we will put a little piece in here, we will add this solution. It's never worked!”.

Clean Waters to the Sea had obtained statistics that reinforced Alan’s findings.

Scientist for Clean Waters to the Sea Andreas Kurnamm stated, "At the beginning of the 2000 date we were talking about 190 cubic metres of wastewater going through our wastewater pond in Taipa, now the newer resource consent is 790 and there is no upgrade on that wastewater plant".

Wayne Parsonson, Chairman of Clean Waters to the Sea is challenging the Far North District Council to get its act together.

He stated, "In layperson terms, we've shown that it's not working well our locals have told us that the kaimoana has been affected, that the delivery from a stream straight from this wastewater plant is not working well. We know we can clean water, we know we can take the pollutants out of the wastewater, so we feel strongly on this issue and that is the issue at hand here with this Waste Water Plant".

Far North District Council have not responded to Te Ao’s requests for comment.