Fashion show to be held to celebrate Rotorua fashion industry

Rotorua is about to go vogue on the 31st of this month with the establishment of a fashion show aimed to celebrate the strength of the Rotorua fashion industry. 

Te Kāea met the young fashion designer behind the concept. 

The Asian-inspired designs will be part of a fashion show that is set to take place here in Rotorua but for young up and coming designer Kharl Wirepa - fashion is about life.

Wirepa says, “Oho is the most fabulous fashion show that's coming to Rotorua.  It's going to be the most glamorous night of the year for this town and it's all about promoting the youth.”

The show is not only about showcasing the designers but also the people of this region, those that do a lot of the behind the scenes work like hair and makeup as well as modelling.  

Mereana Matekino-Thocolich says, “You see Māori making piupiu, mats, bodices and headbands but it's also good to get involved into this type of industry merging Māori and English concepts together within design, also celebrating Māori culture.”

Adrienne Whitewood, Mereana Ngatai, Maree McLean and Leilani Rickard are some of the names supporting the event. 

“We need to show the people internationally and from Rotorua, New Zealand that our designers have people from Rotorua that support their dreams too, and there's a lot of talent here in the beauty circuit unrecognised so we want to make sure that's promoted,” says Wirepa.

The event will take place on March 31 at the VR Lakes Resort Rotoiti.