Fashion show for emerging Pacific and Māori designers live from Wellington

By Te Ao - Māori News
Source / Polynation promotional video

A fashion show for emerging Pacific and Māori designers that has flourished in South Auckland in recent years will be streamed live from Wellington Saturday night, home to the second-largest Pacific population in New Zealand.

This year the threat of Covid-19 was the catalyst for a major pivot for the 2020 Pacific Fusion Fashion show ‘Polynation', creative director and founder Nora Swann, who has held the annual event in South Auckland for the last four years, said in a statement.

“I had to seriously consider the risks of running a live event given restrictions that could be imposed at any time if an outbreak occurred. However, Covid has also forced some innovation that has enabled us to celebrate our five-year milestone in ways we hadn’t previously considered. 

“At the five-year mark, I believe we’ve earnt the respect of many as a credible contributor in the fashion space. However, there’s more work to be done to give voice and visibility of Polynesian creatives in the fashion industry - and that’s why we must keep pushing forward."

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation's Afamasaga Jackie Curry said they are proud that the world-class digital content fashion show is being hosted in Wellington at the City Gallery.

“This event is an opportunity to not only share with New Zealand, the Pacific region, and the world, the incredible breadth of Pacific creative fashion talent, but also bring in a network of key people to support these talented individuals to accelerate their fashion career goals and businesses to the next level.

“It is also very exciting, this event will be held in Wellington, the Creative Capital of New Zealand and home to the second largest Pacific population in New Zealand.”

The Polynation fashion show will be live-streamed via the FashioNZ and The Coconet TV Facebook pages from 7pm Saturday and also broadcast on Freeview TV channel 200.