Fashion week – Fashion Fairness

By Taroi Black

A fashion designer from Palmerston North is about to make headlines at the Miromoda show this Thursday. Her collection is based on Māori identity and she's raising questions around her experience as a fair-skinned Māori.

Sheridan is an emerging designer hoping to make a difference in Māori fashion. 

“Well it's really inspired by my experience growing up as a fair-skinned Māori and the stereotypes that can be attached to our skin colour,” says Sheridan.

Sheridan collections will feature in the Miromoda show this Thursday which consists of 10 Māori designers strutting off their collections in Auckland.

“I think it would be received in a positive way and i know a lot of people have had a very similar if not the same experience as me.”

Leading Māori business woman Ata Te Kanawa, founder of Miromoda is praising Sheridan on her collection and the inspiration that she brings to the runway drawn on her cultural background.

“She's got an interesting interpretation of identity and being half-cast. We have seen that theme flow through other designers, it's just all about interpretation. But it is very interesting and I think it will be very well talked about and her structure is amazing.”

Sheridan says, “I looked into Colonial Aotearoa and how the two cultures first merged because I think that is the only kind of positive aspect of what had happened in those times. I think that's where everything came together in a harmonious way and that's really quite beautiful. The layering of the korowai over cotton shirting and full skirts. So that was something I honed in on.”

Sheridan is one of five debutants for Miromoda in the NZ Fashion Week and she will open the show with her collections.