Ferocious win for 18-year-old Shuriken Featherweight champion

By Tamati Tiananga

He is the new Shuriken Featherweight champion of New Zealand.  18-year-old MMA fighter, Jay-Jay Wilson was victorious against a more-experienced Morgan Teasdale.

Wilson (Ngāti Maniapoto) says, “The title is big for me for my MMA career in jiu-jitsu, my biggest medal would be gold in Pam Pac.”

Jay-Jay won by unanimous decision. It was one of his toughest fights to date.  He says, “We ended up in a brawl and there was a lot of blood everywhere but it was good, we both ended up in A and E getting stiches to our head till like five in the morning.”

Not only is Jay-Jay the new champion, he is also a gold medallist in BJJ and has travelled to America to train this year.

“I was training with John Farrier who fights in Bellator and Carlos Valentes, if you know who the Grace family is, he was the guy who was the head of training,” said Wilson.

Jay-Jay hopes to defend his title next year.