Fierce wind and rain sends campers packing

By Te Ao Māori News

In contrast to the hot and sunny weather over Christmas, wind and rain has lashed Auckland and Northland on New Year's Eve and into today.

Many campers in the region rolled up their tents and headed home. But many also decided to sit out the rain and strong winds.

A low pressure system pulled warm air down from the tropics to Northland which was the first part of the country to feel the storms.

At Uretiti Beach just south of Whangarei the fierce winds and rain were a frightening surprise for children.

Many at this Uretiti camping ground decided to pack up and seek shelter at home. But in the middle of the night, they had a more urgent problem - stopping their tents from blowing away in the gales by tying them to vehicles.

Fine spells for campers should be back by Monday.