Fifteen Covid cases confirmed today; unlinked case numbers fall

By Te Ao - Māori News

Watch the 1pm presser above. Source: Facebook/Te Ao

Today's report of new Covid-19 new cases saw a bounce down, with 15 confirmed by Health director-general Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

But there was also a positive sample in wastewater in Pukekohe, with more tests underway.

All 15 new cases are household contacts of five known households, with the majority linked to three households. All are in Auckland and there are no unlinked cases.

"While some of these houses have not been epidemiologically linked to the wider outbreak, they have not popped up unexpectedly," Bloomfield says.

He also says the lone case that had yet to be linked in yesterday's announcement of 33 has now been officially linked to the current Delta outbreak.

All unlinked cases in the outbreak, in the past 14 days, have now fallen to 10.

Twelve of Wellington's 17 cases have recovered, and 382 cases have recovered in Auckland.

There are now 22 people in hospital with four in ICU or HDU, all requiring ventilation. There are 10 cases at Middlemore Hospital, eight at Auckland City Hospital and four at North Shore Hospital.

There were two cases found at the border today.

Mr Whippy-style mobile vaccine

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed that the Northern Region Health Coordination Centre launches its first mobile vaccination buses this Thursday.

"The initial plan is to take them into areas where we know vaccination numbers have been low or people have not been able to access vaccination services as easily."

While six buses will be launched at first, an increase of 12 buses is expected over the coming weeks, Ardern says.

In total, there are 4,380,953 doses administered so far. 2,897,385 are first doses, and 1,483,568 people are fully vaccinated in Aotearoa.