Fight videos disappoint ASB Polyfest organisers


Organisers of the ASB Polyfest are disappointed the success of their four-day festival has been tarnished by videos of fights posted on social media. Shocking footage revealed girls fighting, while another shows a brutal incident outside of the festival.

Young girls fighting at this year's ASB Polyfest has upstaged the festival. 

Theresa Howard - Kaiwhakahaere Polyfest says, "The behaviour has been outstanding this has been the biggest and best festival in history and it's just unfortunate that we've had these incidents occur."

The footage was released on social media but organisers say there were no arrests. 

 Howard says, "With the security measures we make sure we have just over 100 security guards to man out entrance gates and that all entry conditions are abided by."

But the second video of young men fighting outside on a main road in Manukau has disappointed even further. The fight has no relation to the event.

Tu Mclean says, "That sort of thing is difficult to stop. However, what we can do is introduce a measure that will see them banned from the festival." 

The videos have provoked a fight of its own with conflicting views and remarks such as Māori and Polynesian events being violent. 

Mclean says, "The example is in this event, on all the stages of this festival. They are a prime example to show these gangs that this is another avenue they can follow."

Two arrests were made during the event and these were not related to the event itself.