Fiji's Covid-19 cases soar

By Mārena Mane

Fiji is in a state of fear as those who test positive in the latest outbreak of the Delta variant continues to soar.

Fijian authorities announced a record high of daily infections with 431 new confirmed cases yesterday.

Nineteen people have died and there are 4,348 community cases.

Save the Children New Zealand has raised $130,000 in aid for hundreds of children and whānau in Fiji going hungry due to the impact of Covid19.

The agency’s chief executive in Fiji, Shairana Ali says people are scared.

“Yesterday we recorded 431 new cases, the highest number reported within a 24 hour period. So the situation here, particularly in the Central Division and on the Main quite intense at the moment.”

She says the economy hasn’t recovered from the last outbreak. 

“We have the government rolling out the vaccination program but the second wave has been quite severe and escalated within a matter of weeks. We are now dealing with the most contagious variant which has caused significant economic as well as social and health impact on our people here in Fiji.”

Ali says 50% of Fiji’s target population have received their first vaccination and 8% have received their second dose. It’s expected the eligible population of Fiji will be vaccinated by the end of October.

“So it is slow progress,” she says. “At this stage, we still have many eligible people who have not received a second dose.”

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