A firefighter's walk for PTSD and depression

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Maaka McKinney will walk over 180kms to promote help for his fellow workmates suffering from post-traumatic stress and depression.  

It's an issue which means a lot to this firefighter, he wants to make sure that the call is heard by the time he arrives at the Skytower.

He's been promoting the services for a long time and won't stop till the message is out.

"I've been through PTSD, I've been through depression but I've come out of that so I need to give that awhi back to my fellow workers," says McKinney.

He knows from experience the effects.  "The key thing here is that it does have the ability to take you down a dark pathway," says McKinney.

A short break along the way isn't an option for those facing this illness.

He arrives at the Skytower run on Saturday with other frontline forces walking for the cause.