Five flag options to fly in Wellington today

The five flag options in the upcoming referendum will fly high on the Wellington Town Hall this afternoon. 

The event was initiated by Wellington mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, who says it enables the public to view the flags 'in action' and help make a more informed decision on the quality of each design.

She says “Flying the five alternatives as well as the current New Zealand flag provides an opportunity for Wellingtonians to compare each when they are fluttering in a brisk Capital breeze.  We’ll be able to choose which of the designs looks best in action, instead of just in print, online or on screen.  This will help the public make an informed decision about the choices in November.”

The flags will be hoisted on the Civic Square side of the town hall at midday today. The current New Zealand flag will also continue to fly above the Municipal Office Building in Civic Square.

New Zealanders will have the chance to vote in the postal ballot in November to choose their favourite design. A second referendum will take place in March.

Just last month, the red peak flag was added as a fifth option.  Parliament resumed under urgency to push legislation through to introduce the controversial outsider to the voting paper.

Te Kāea reporter, Ripeka Timutimu covered the story.