Five Minutes of Fame finalist goes viral for hilarious political rap parodies

By Jessica Tyson

Singer and songwriter Amy Maynard has gone viral on Tiktok for her rap parodies.

So far she has created videos about political and pandemic narratives including one about Judith Collins that has almost 60,000 views and another about Covid-19 that has about 200,000.

Despite creating such popular content, she says she hasn’t always been politically minded.

“I was never really involved until someone said ‘You should do something about Judith’ and I just remember seeing all the silly things that she would say that to me seemed funny,” she says.

In her video about Collins, Maynard refers to the politician as “Crusher” and sings along to the tune of the song crushcrushcrush by American rock band Paramore.

“I’ve always been a writer - either writing stories or writing songs. And parodies are fun because I get to change up songs that I like. I love that Paramore song and just make it funny. I was really surprised how other people think it’s funny too. It’s not just me.”

Maynard, of Rongowhakaata and Ngāti Porou, reached the final of Māori Television’s talent show, 5 Minutes of Fame.

She says she was scouted by one of the organisers of the competition to enter.

“She had seen one of my Tiktoks of me singing Chandelier by Sia and she was like, ‘We have to get this girl on if she can’. I was free and did it. I didn’t think I’d get that far. I hoped I would.”